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For Our Companies

State & Local Non-Dilutive Funding – we help companies poised for growth obtain attractive state and local funding sources. Read more…

For Our Regional & Local Economic Development Organizations

We help economic development organizations retain and expand their job base. Read more…

State & Local Non-Dilutive Funding

We identify, negotiate, and secure Ohio tax credits, grants, and Innovation Ohio Loan Fund (IOLF) loans for companies with an Ohio presence. We also help secure local funds such as county and regional incentives. We draw on our years of public & private sector experience to help our clients utilize these funding sources. And of particular importance to our clients, we handle the compliance work to ensure the company realizes the multi-year benefits.

Typical Incentives Available

  • Real and Personal Property Tax Abatements
  • Energy Efficiency Grants and Funding
  • Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Property Tax Exemptions
  • Investment Tax Credits
  • State Jobs Creation Tax Credits
  • Local Jobs Creation Tax Credits
  • State Grant Programs
  • Various Financing Programs
  • Training Programs


Because receiving approval for grants and tax credits is NOT the same as actually getting the money, we monitor compliance for all of our clients over the life of each deal. Accordingly, we meet with our clients’ tax group as well as necessary company personnel to insure that all “t’s” are crossed and all “i’s” dotted. Obtaining approval is important, but is not the finish line, compliance is.

Site Selection

Due to our familiarity with the state and local incentive programs in Ohio, we help our clients evaluate site selection based on the potential incentives available. This augments their site selection process by providing them timely expert information on the Ohio landscape of incentives.

Regional & Local Government Economic Development Support

Our goal is the help regional and local governments retain and expand their economic base. To assist, we provide tactical community representation as well as on-going advisory and functional services on an affordable basis.

Tactical Economic Development Representation

Many Ohio communities and regional economic development organizations are tasked with protecting and growing their local industry yet lack the resources to do so effectively. Regardless of budget constraints, these communities and organizations need to be ready to work with area employers in order to maintain and grow local industry. Accordingly, EAG offers project based representation when the situation arises.

Services Provided

• Negotiate terms of existing or new incentive programs
• Co-Design innovative incentive programs and agreement structures
• Identify and coordinate State Initiatives
• Provide guidance on deal structure and incentives offered
• Representation at meetings with area employers as well as internal meetings for the local or regional organization

On-Going Advisory & Functional Services

Economic development is an on-going activity. Most Ohio communities and regional economic development organizations lack the resources to adequately plan to retain and expand their jobs base. EAG assists with this dilemma by providing on-going planning and implementation services on an affordable basis.

Services Provided

• Co-create economic retention and expansion efforts
• Advise on the development of economic tools & incentives for fostering job growth
• Administer economic development programs and maintain program compliance
• Attend internal organizational meetings to provide strategic & tactical advice and guidance
• Supplement Economic development efforts by providing executive and director functions on a contract basis