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Case Studies

Start-Up Technology Company

Client: Young start-up company that was looking to add 10-20 people.

Key Concern: Could they get assistance quickly as they were moving fast to take advantage of an opportunity in the market. “There should be state and local money available, but what is it, where is it, does it apply to us, and can we get it? And are strings attached? And would it be worth the effort?”

EAG Solution: We identified Ohio training grants, tax credits, and Innovation Ohio Loan Fund (IOLF) money that helped defray the investment in additional staff. We took care of the process from documentation to shepherding it through the appropriate governmental processes and procedures. The result was from start to finish only 60 days and netted $150,000 over 5 years in incentive tax credits and grants plus garnered $1.5M IOLF as non-dilutive capital for software development. The only “strings” were that they had to document the new hires and the training provided. And their involvement was next to nothing – just a couple of meetings with our firm.

Manufacturing Company

Client: Established Ohio manufacturer who was looking at a plant expansion with a projected 100-150 new hires over the next 36 months.

Key Concerns: They wanted to understand the full array of state & local incentives that were available to them and wanted to learn if it could be put in place by a certain date.

EAG Solution: We identified state tax credits, training grants, and property tax abatements that yielded $1.5MM over 7 years. Further, we were able to fast track the process so we hit their deadline.

Large Corporation

Client: A national corporation with a significant presence in Ohio.

Key Concerns: Wanted assurances that the firm they engaged to help them secure state & local incentives in Ohio could make sure all available sources of incentives were tapped. Also, they needed a specific deal structure to match their project needs. They vetted 3 firms: EAG & two national firms.

EAG Solution: We demonstrated both the level of professionalism and depth of local knowledge that impressed them enough to select EAG. We were able to exceed their expectations by securing a wide variety of public incentives. Further, because we understood the government/program side of the equation, we were able to negotiate the specific deal structure they needed including $17.5M of savings over 10 years.