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Non-Dilutive Public Funding Specialists

EAG specializes in assisting companies with an Ohio presence in securing Ohio tax credits, Ohio grants, IOLF loans, and other public monies. In 2011, we had more clients in the list of top 10 public incentive projects than any other entity in the country.


EAG is a tax attorney led Ohio government funding specialist firm that started back in 2005. Its principals have over a decade of experience each working through the labyrinth of funding sources here in Ohio. Our partners’ backgrounds are rooted in the private sector of Big 4 Tax Accounting and the public sector of State & County Economic Development Offices here in Ohio. Together, we bridge the chasm between these two worlds to provide tested processes and procedures for securing Ohio tax credits, training grants, Innovation Ohio Loan Fund loans, and other non-dilutive state and local funding sources.


Dan Borsky

Dan Borsky, CEO EAG

Mr. Borsky founded EAG after spending half a decade working for Ernst & Young. At E & Y he worked in the Corporate Tax division specializing in Ohio state & local funding acquisition. Mr. Borsky wanted to combine the skill of a Big 4 accounting firm with the client focus of a boutique firm and thereby create an agile and performance driven group. Accordingly, he started EAG back in 2005.

Mr. Borsky’s vision has culminated in the firm having 4 of the top 10 Ohio public funding projects in 2011 as reported by Columbus’s Business First. That meant that EAG assisted in more of the top 10 public incentive projects in Ohio than any other entity in the country. While EAG works with all Ohio businesses, we find that most of our clients are in Technology, Logistics, or Manufacturing. In the last 7 years, EAG has helped secure tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Jamie Gentry

Jamie Gentry Ohio Economic Development Specialist

Mr. Gentry spent 10 plus years working in the state and county departments of economic development here in Ohio. Not only did Mr. Gentry learn first hand about the procedures involved in getting applications for state and local funding approved, Mr. Gentry helped inform and implement those procedures. Accordingly, he brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of how to navigate the governmental processes and procedures of Ohio public funding.

Mr. Gentry lends that experience not only to Ohio businesses that are interested in utilizing public funding sources to grow, but he also guides local and regional economic development agencies in the development of plans to support growth here in Ohio. Further, Mr. Gentry helps these economic development agencies better implement these plans though project management consulting services.

Mark Jump

Jump Legal

Mr. Jump is one of the founders and principals. He is an accomplished attorney and seasoned entrepreneur as a founder, investment banker, and investor for a number of ventures over the last 20 years. Mr. Jump has been instrumental in our business development and community outreach efforts. Many of his personal and business relationships have contributed to the growth of our client base. He has been particularly active in educating our existing clients, referring advisors, early stage start ups, growing companies and various entrepreneurial forums regarding the requirements and availability of state tax incentives and non-dilutive capital sources.


We service our clients from our offices in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.